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Strategic Technology Reserve (STR)

The STR provides communications resources for first responders during emergencies and planned events. STR resources can be requested by contacting the IEMA-OHS Operations Center at (217) 782-7860.

Is a “State” capability controlled and coordinated by the SWIC with key contract staff with Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System.

There are three components.

  • Equipment
  • Spectrum
  • Personnel

Illinois Transportable Emergency Communications System (ITECS)

There are multiple Illinois Transportable Emergency Communications Systems (ITECS) strategically placed around the state. The ITECS has a robust communications capability to ensure communications interoperability at the site of a major disaster or planned event. The trailer is pulled by a state purchased vehicle. 


The Rapid Communications Unit (RapidComm) is a self-contained communications vehicle that can be quickly deployed to an incident or planned event. The vehicle has a robust suite of communications equipment and is staffed by trained personnel.

Unified Command Post

The Unified Command Post (UCP) vehicles are available to various jurisdictions for use in facilitating communications among local, State and Federal on-scene responders during disasters. The UCPs also contain a meeting area for up to twelve persons. 

Cache Radios

  • 1500+ Cache radios
  • Geographic diversity. Caches are in 30 strategic locations across the state with local hosts in charge
  • Radios and chargers are cased for easy deployment with batteries charged once a month for maximum readiness.

Information and Communications Technology Branch Program

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Branch manages the infrastructure and systems that support and enable communications, information management processes, and applications required by the responders managing an incident.

Unit Descriptions


24/7 contact for communications resource requests, IEMA-OHS Operations Center: 217-782-7860

Division of Statewide Interoperability email: (not monitored 24/7)