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Grant Programs

Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP)
The purpose of the HSGP is to support state and local efforts to prevent terrorism and other catastrophic events and to prepare the nation for the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk to the security of the United States. This grant has two separate funding streams, the State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) and the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI).
Preparedness and Response (PAR) Grant Program
The PAR Grant Program helps enhance statewide emergency preparedness and response for state agencies, public universities, units of local government, and statewide mutual aid organizations.
Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) Program
The EMPG Program provides federal funds to states to assist state, local, territorial and tribal governments in preparing for all hazards. The federal government, through the EMPG Program, provides necessary direction, coordination, guidance and assistance to support a comprehensive all hazards emergency preparedness system.
​Non-profit Security Grant Program (NSGP)
The NSGP provides funding support for target hardening and other physical security enhancements for nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of a terrorist attack. NSGP seeks to integrate the preparedness activities of non-profit organizations with broader state and local preparedness efforts. There are two funding sources appropriated for non-profit organizations: Non-Profit Security Grant Program-State (NSGP-S) and Non-Profit Security Grant Program-Urban Area (NSGP-UA).
Illinois Non-Profit Security Grant Program (NSGP-IL)
The Illinois Non-Profit Security Grant Program provides funding support for target hardening and other physical security enhancements for non-profit organizations that are at high risk of a terrorist attack by a terrorist organization, network, or cell. NSGP-IL seeks to integrate the preparedness activities of non-profit organizations with broader state and local preparedness efforts.
Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) Grant Program
The purpose of the HMEP Grant Program is to increase state, territorial, tribal, and local effectiveness in safely and efficiently handling hazardous materials incidents; enhance implementation of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA); and encourage a comprehensive approach to emergency training and planning by incorporating the unique challenges of response to transportation situations.
​September 11th License Plate Grant Program
The September 11th Fund was created by the Illinois General Assembly as a repository for license plate fees generated by the America Remembers license plate. The director of IEMA is authorized to utilize the funds to give grants to victims of terrorism and to local governments to cover the costs of training, equipment and other items related to public safety initiatives to prevent further acts of terrorism or to respond to acts of terrorism or other disasters or emergency situations in Illinois. 
National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) 
This program seeks to mitigate earthquake losses in the United States through basic and directed research and implementation activities in the fields of earthquake science and engineering.

Grant Resources

Merit-Based Application Review Appeals Process

In alignment with the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) and Federal Uniform Guidance, all Illinois Emergency Management Agency and Office of Homeland Security (IEMA-OHS) competitive grants, unless exempted or excepted as indicated in 44 Illinois Administrative Code 7030.50, are required to utilize a merit-based application review process which must include a Merit-Based Review Appeal Process.  

Authorized Equipment List

The Authorized Equipment List (AEL) is a list of approved equipment types allowed under FEMA’s preparedness grant programs. The intended audience of this tool is emergency managers, first responders, and other homeland security professionals.

Public Health

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Comprehensive listing of FEMA Grants and Assistance Programs

FEMA's Technical Assistance (TA) Services provide direct assistance to state and local jurisdictions in building and sustaining capabilities in support of the four homeland security mission areas (prevention, protection, response, recovery). All TA services are available to eligible recipients at no charge.

The Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) Technical Assistance Program provides free instruction and assistance with the planning, governance, operational, and technical aspects of developing and implementing interoperable communications initiatives. All OEC technical assistance services may be combined or tailored to meet the specific needs of the requesting organization. The OEC Technical Assistance Catalog describes the services available to requesting jurisdictions or organizations and contains a technical assistance request form and instructions on how to complete and submit a request.

Law Enforcement

Related grants through the Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program are administered by the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS). For more information, visit the ILEAS website and click on Grant Resources.

Fire Service and Emergency Medical Services

The Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFG) is a program of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Grants are awarded to fire departments to enhance their ability to protect the public and fire service personnel from fire and related hazards. The following types of grants are available: Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG), Fire Prevention and Safety (FP&S), Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER), and Assistance to Firefighters Fire Station Construction Grants (SCG). The website provides a description of available grants and offers resources to help fire departments prepare and submit grant requests.

View the AFG Get Ready Guide 2013

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