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Industrial Radiography Monthly Roster Submission

When applying for the exam, sign up before the closing date for the month you want to examine. (example: July will close in June; see below). The Agency will notify you the day the roster is submitted and when to expect an email to register at a date, time, and location. One will have 60 days to register and take the exam. The Agency strongly recommends that you register as soon as possible. If cancellation or an extension is necessary, it must be 48 hours before the scheduled exam. No-shows will result in forfeiture of exam fees unless otherwise noted.

Applications will not be processed until fees are paid.

Last updated - 11/28/22

Roster for Roster Close Date

January 2023

​Thursday, December 8, 2022

February 2023

​Thursday, January 12, 2023

​March 2023

​Thursday, February 9, 2023

April 2023

​Thursday, March 9, 2023

May 2023

​Thursday, April 13, 2023

June 2023

​Thursday, May 11, 2023

July 2023

​Thursday, June 8, 2023

August 2023

Thursday, July 13, 2023

September 2023

​Thursday, August 10, 2023

October 2023

Thursday, September 14, 2023

November 2023

Thursday, October 12, 2023

December 2023

Thursday, November 9, 2023

January 2024

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Please go to the Industrial Radiation Technology Services webpage for further details.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (217) 785-9913 or by email at