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Public Assistance (PA) Forms

Damage Assessment Forms
IEMA, Disaster Impact Assessment Form (Mar. 2016)
IEMA, PA Initial Damage Assessment (IDA) Cost Tabulation Form and Checklist
IEMA, PA Applicant Damage Assessment Checklist
FEMA, Damage Assessment Manual
FEMA, PA Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) Summary (spreadsheet)
Application Forms
FEMA Form 009-0-49, Request For Public Assistance
FEMA Form 009-0-121, PNP Facility Questionnaire
IEMA Form PA101, Public Assistance Grant Agreement (Feb 2024)
IEMA Form PA108, Public Assistance Risk Assessment (Feb 2024)
IEMA Form PA109, FFATA Certification (Feb 2024)
Guidance Documents
State of Illinois, Public Assistance Program Applicant Handbook (Jan. 2020)
FEMA Grants Portal Basic Overview Webinars
FEMA Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide
FEMA 321, Public Assistance Policy Digest (Jan. 2008)
FEMA 322, Public Assistance Guide (June 2007)
FEMA 323, Applicant Handbook (Mar. 2010)
FEMA 325, Debris Management Guide (July 2007)
FEMA 9500 Series Policy Publications
FEMA Schedule of Equipment Rates
Audit Tips for Managing Disaster-Related Project Costs
Statute and Regulations
Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, as amended
44 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
FEMA, Procurement Conducted Under Exigent or Emergency Circumstances
FEMA, Procurement Under Grants Public Assistance Policy
FEMA, Procurement Under Public Assistance Awards
IEMA, PA Procurement Fact Sheet
Applicant Checklist
IEMA, PA Application Checklist
IEMA, PA Applicant Pre-Disaster Checklist
IEMA, PA Applicant Post-Declaration Checklist
IEMA, PA Applicant Project Documentation Checklist
IEMA, PA Applicant Subgrant Closeout Checklist
Project Worksheet (PW) Forms
FEMA Form 009-0-91, Project Worksheet
FEMA Form 009-0-91A, Damage Description and Scope of Work Continuation Sheet
FEMA Form 009-0-91B, Cost Continuation Sheet
FEMA Form 009-0-91C, Maps and Sketches Sheet
FEMA Form 009-0-91D, Photo Sheet
FEMA Form 009-0-120, Special Considerations Questions
FEMA, Project Worksheet (spreadsheet)
Cost Documentation Forms
FEMA Form 009-0-123, Force Account Labor Summary Record
FEMA Form 009-0-124, Materials Summary Record
FEMA Form 009-0-125, Rented Equipment Summary Record
FEMA Form 009-0-126, Contract Work Summary Record
FEMA Form 009-0-127, Force Account Equipment Summary Record
FEMA Form 009-0-128, Applicant's Benefits Calculation Worksheet
Grants Management Forms
IEMA Form PA102, Request for Payment (Oct. 2021)
IEMA Form PA103, Quarterly Progress Report (Mar. 2023)
IEMA Form PA104, Time Extension Request (Mar. 2023)
IEMA Form PA105, Change of Applicant's Agent (Mar. 2023)
IEMA Form PA106, Large Project Closeout Request (Mar. 2023)
IEMA Form PA107, Subgrant Closeout Certification (Mar. 2023)
IEMA Form PA110, Subgrantee Management Cost Request (Mar. 2023)
Sandy Recovery Improvement Act (SRIA)
FEMA, SRIA of 2013