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Public Assistance Single Audit Act Information

Certified by Subrecipient Organizational Official

Non-federal entities that expend $750,000 or more in total federal awards (from all sources) during a fiscal year must have an audit performed in accordance with the Single Audit Act of 1984 (as amended) and 2CFR200.501 (Audit Requirements). Subrecipients required to have a Single Audit performed must submit a copy of the Single Audit reporting package to the (Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC) ) within the earlier of two options: 30 calendar days after receipt of the auditor’s report or nine (9) months after the end of the subrecipient’s fiscal year, which is the subrecipient’s audit period.

The Subrecipient Organizational Official is typically a high-level official within the organization who has the authority to certify the accuracy and completeness of the Single Audit submission. The specific title or role of the authorized representative may vary depending on the organizational structure and the nature of the auditee. It could be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Executive Director, President, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), or a similar position of authority or one designated by the authorized representative within the organization.

If you are the Subrecipient Organization Official responsible for compliance and submission, please fill out the information below, then click the link here à IEMA-OHS Multiple Year Single Audit Certification to initiate a brief information collection and signature process. 

If you are unsure or were unaware of the requirement, please reach out to the IEMA-OHS Public Assistance Office for assistance @ EMA.PA.Grants@Illinois.