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What to do Before an Earthquake

A well-designed earthquake plan is essential for effective preparedness. A complete discussion and understanding of proper actions during and after an earthquake will help people remember what to do when an emergency occurs. To create an effective plan, you should consider the questions below:


  • will you prepare yourself to be self-sufficient for up to 14 days?
  • will you protect yourself during the shaking?
  • will you protect your children during and after the quake?
  • will you care for your pets during and after the quake?


  • are two escape routes from each room?
  • are your plans for reunification with your family after an earthquake?


  • are the areas in your home that could be dangerous?
  • are the areas in your home that will probably be safe?
  • is your earthquake supply list?
  • is your outside meeting area?
  • is your first aid kit?
  • is your disaster supply kit?
  • is your two-week supply of food?
  • is the closest hospital to your home, your school, your work?

What if...

  • your family members are in separate areas of the city; what is your plan to reunite?
  • your house is damaged so badly you are unable to live in it; where will you stay?
  • your house and neighborhood have been declared unsafe; where will you temporarily relocate?

The answers to these questions and more are discussed on this website. The bullet points below will provide you with the information and resources you will need to understand the earthquake risk as well as develop an earthquake preparedness plan.

What to do during an earthquake

What to do after an earthquake