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AFN Membership

  • Five members that represented by state agencies are appointed by the agency directors.

  • Two members representing local emergency management agencies are appointed by the governor.

  • Four members representing first responders are appointed by the governor.

  • Nine members from the community of persons with a disability who represent persons with different types of disabilities are appointed by the governor.
​Scott Gauvin ​State Agency
​Judith Levitan
​State Agency ​OIAG
​David Kuriniec
State Agency​ IDHS​
​John Eckert
​State Agency IDoA​
​Anu Meka
State Agency​ IDPH​
​Allison Anderson ​Local EMA ​Will County EMA
​Dale Tieman
​First Responder ​City of LaSalle Fire Department
Kira Meskin​ ​NGO
​Progress Center for Independent Living
​Kenneth Jennings Unknown​ Unknown​
​Todd Roach Citizen​ ​Unknown
​Dorothy Cox-Stowe Citizen​ Home Services Advocate for Independent Living​
​Sam Knight NGO​ ​Disability Resource Center
​Angela Botz ​NGO IMPACT CIL​
​Randy Colón
​Citizen ​ADA Participatory Action Research Consortium (ADA PARC)
​Jae Jin Pak
​University of Illinois Chicago