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Title 29: Emergency Services, Disasters, and Civil Defense

Subchapter A: General Administration
Part 115 pdf
HTML Conference Registration and Fees
This Part provides the requirements for fees and registration at IEMA-sponsored conferences.
Subchapter C: Administration and Organization of Political Subdivision Emergency Services and Disaster Agencies
Part 301 pdf
HTML Political Subdivision Emergency Services and Disaster Agencies
This Part establishes requirements for emergency management programs including emergency operations plans; exercises; accreditation; and the emergency management assistance grant program. Pending Regulation
Part 305 pdf HTML All Hazards Campus Emergency Plan and Violence Prevention Plan
This Part provides guidelines for the creation, review, training and exercise of higher education institutions' Campus All-Hazards Emergency Response and Violence Prevention Plans.
Part 310   HTML School and Campus Safety Grants
This Part establishes the procedures and criteria for submission and consideration of grant applications for designated safety improvements to eligible public elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools.
Subchapter D: State Emergency Response
Part 430 pdf HTML Emergency and Written Notification of an Incident or Accident Involving a Reportable Hazardous Material or Extremely Hazardous Substance
This Part establishes the requirements for the immediate notification and written report of an accident or incident involving the release of a reportable hazardous or extremely hazardous substance or, in the case of a transportation incident, a hazardous material.
Subchapter F: Chemical Safety
Part 610 pdf
HTML Development, Annual Review, Coordination of Chemical Safety Contingency Plans
This Part establishes the coordination activities that should take place between businesses and a local geographical jurisdiction's emergency planning and response agencies as they relate to the development and annual review of chemical safety contingency plans.
Part 620​ pdf HTML Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know
This Part provides requirements for local emergency planning committees and local emergency response plans for hazardous substances.
Subchapter G: Joint Rules of the Illinois Commerce Commission, the Office of the State Fire Marshal, and Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Part 700 pdf HTML Fire Protection and Emergency Services for Telecommunications Facilities
The purpose of this Part is safeguarding of facilities of telephone companies and telecommunications carriers from major interruptions and to assure emergency response and recovery mechanisms.