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Tier 2 MSDS/SDS Requirements and Attachment Instructions

Electronic Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) or Safety Data Sheets* (SDSs*) must be attached to 2013 Tier 2 chemicals in Tier 2 Manager. Electronic MSDSs/SDSs may be obtained from your chemical wholesaler or manufacturer. Tier 2 Manager will accept PDF files no larger than 5 MB. If there are multiple MSDSs/SDSs for one chemical entry, and the MSDSs/SDSs list the same physical hazards and health effects, attach the MSDS/SDS that represents the highest percentage of that chemical (in other words, the worst-case scenario MSDS/SDS).

If a Tier 2 chemical has a MSDS containing proprietary information, please redact the proprietary information and attach a generic MSDS for the Tier 2 chemical. As long as the MSDS contains physical and health risk information for emergency planners and responders, it may be accepted. If additional information is needed, Emergency planners and responders will contact you.

To attach, view, or delete an electronic MSDS/SDS: log into Tier 2 Manager at Sign in (using your existing username and password), click on the blue Facility/Site Name, then on the "2013 Edit" Button to go to Step 2 Page. Go to Step 2 on the Facility Home Page and click on a chemical's "Edit" Button. Attach the MSDS on the left side of the screen ("Upload MSDS/SDS" Button). To view a chemical's current MSDS, click on the "View MSDS/SDS" Button. To replace a chemical's MSDS/SDS attachment, click on the "Remove" Button and upload a new MSDS/SDS. Once the MSDS/SDS has been attached, click on the blue "Save Changes" Button. You can go back to the Facility Home Page and attach more MSDSs/SDSs, as needed. If you want to check so see if a chemical has an MSDS/SDS attached, go to Step 2. A chemical entry with an MSDS/SDS attachment will have a paper clip to the right of the chemical name. Click on the paper clip to view the current MSDS/SDS attachment.

If you have questions or need assistance attaching MSDSs/SDSs, please contact Lori Canterbury or Carlita Crockett, Tier 2 Specialists, via e-mail at or telephone 217-558-0559.

*OSHA's Revised Hazard Communication Standard (HCS 2012) requires MSDSs to be replaced by SDSs by June 15, 2015; therefore, please replace MSDSs in Tier 2 Manager with SDSs prior to this date. SDSs will be in a standardized format to include 16 sections. The type of information found in the various sections will always contain the same information (i.e. Section 8 will always include information about exposure limits, engineering controls, and protective measures including PPE.) Detailed information about the SDS standardized format and content requirements at