Delivers data services, including by managing the Unified Help Desk and securing data network systems.

Information Technology Service Unit Leader (ITSL) – Plans and manages the technical and operational aspects of meeting the data and application needs of an incident or event; supervises unit personnel; performs subordinate positions duties that are not filled or delegated; participates in incident action planning meetings; prepares the Information Technology Plan; establishes and supports on-scene IT infrastructure and application capabilities; establishes the Unified Help Desk; coordinates support with the IT departments of all responding agencies; and orders or requests personnel, supplies and equipment.

Information Technology Support Specialist – Establishes and maintains networks sufficient to support incident needs; installs and configures IT hardware and software components; responds to work tickets generated by the Unified Help Desk; identifies, assesses and mitigates cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities; performs daily IT support functions to include connectivity checks, software upgrades, system backups and server functions; troubleshoots system and equipment errors and connectivity problems and resolves most problems; and provides initial computer training including instructions on logging on and accessing network services.

Unified Help Desk Manager – Establishes a Unified Help Desk function; uses an established process for receiving and tracking Work Order tickets; uses system established by the ICT branch director, ITSL and/or COML to prioritize, route or escalate Help Desk work tickets to proper tier or technical specialist (THSP) for analysis and resolution; and assists the ITSL with forms and documentation.